All health programs must start with a total body detoxification. Our bodies are under siege every day from toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the cosmetics we use and the recreational toxins we ingest in our quest to relax. Great health must start with a clean slate

VOLSUNG LABS™ is the manufacturer of PROVEN DETOX™ and is dedicated to changing the way that dietary supplements are developed. Health professionals and proactively minded consumers are moving to take responsibility for their own vital health and well-being. VOLSUNG LABS™ is aggressively responding by challenging products built on tradition, folklore and legend by developing only science based dietary supplement solutions.

Utilizing science-based ingredients, manufacturing processes or delivery systems in every VOLSUNG LABS™ product helps ensure optimal results through leading edge solutions. Third party testing for all finished products prior to distribution provides added confidence to our health partners and end consumers

Our mission is to provide the finest science based nutritional products to health professionals and educated consumers wanting to take personal responsibility for their own vital health

Our products are developed and manufactured in our own facility. As we select which ingredients are best for optimal health, we also make sure that each product is cared for and made by us. Which means, NO outsourcing. VOLSUNG LABS™ will continue to produce condition specific nutritional products that utilize leading edge science based ingredients, delivery systems or technologies as pathways to optimal health and vitality.

VOLSUNG LABS™ is the Manufacturer & Exclusive Worldwide Distributor of PROVEN DETOX™ products.

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